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Source Energy Advantages

As a reliable and efficient source of cooling, heating and power, Source Energy transforms utilities from commodities into a strategy for delivering substantial financial and operational benefits. Applying multi-discipline expertise in full, end-to-end professional services, Source Energy can integrate its energy offerings into the client's development project or business strategy.

Consider that outsourced thermal and power solutions require no up-front capital investment. They free up valuable building space, redirect any personnel and financial resources that would normally go toward operation and maintenance, and allow owners to concentrate on building occupants and core business objectives rather than energy operations. Other advantages include:
Energy Smart
Capturing waste heat to generate power, heat, and cooling from one source is energy efficient, capable of using more than 85% of the original fuel's energy input.

Reliable and Convenient
Power, hot water, steam, and/or chilled water arrive at their destinations ready to use. With round-the-clock operational and maintenance crews, plus back-up systems, district energy and district cooling plants operate at the highest possible reliability.

Cost Effective
Source Energy district energy and district cooling solutions eliminate the expense of boilers and chillers in individual buildings, allowing building owners or developers to reduce their upfront capital costs when constructing new buildings, as well as ongoing costs related to labor and upkeep.

Environmentally Sound
Source Energy district energy and district cooling solutions are environmentally sound, and trigeneration itself is the cleanest method to generate electricity using any fossil or renewable fuel. District system plants employ emission controls more stringent than those of individual buildings, which benefits air quality.

Design Flexibility
Besides Source Energy's ability to provide scalable service configurations, the company also offers customers flexible business models - offering district energy plants as a build-own-operate project, or as a build-own-transfer project. In addition, district energy plants are innately flexible compared to individual building boilers, in that they can shift to different energy sources according to cost and availability — such as natural gas, bio-fuels, or solar.