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Source Energy designs and develops power and thermal solutions for a variety of installation sizes and power loads. For single-site building installations, the company offers simple dedicated energy/cooling systems using direct-fired chillers energized from natural gas, liquid fuel, steam or hot water from any heat source. And for service on a larger scale for university campuses, refineries, airport facilities, military cities, medical cities, industrial cities and large real estate development projects, the company delivers total district energy and district cooling systems.

In particular, Source Energy helps to manage the Middle East's special air-conditioning needs with district cooling, which produces chilled water in a centralized location for distribution to a wide area. From the district cooling plant, the chilled water travels to different buildings, where the water circulates through refrigeration coils or uses absorption technology to enter the building's air-conditioning system.

The benefits of district cooling are both qualitative and economic. It provides more effective control of a building's internal temperature, is more convenient in terms of maintenance than relying on a standalone air-conditioning system, saves space, and decreases noise pollution.

District cooling is also more cost effective than traditional cooling methods, plus it eliminates up-front capital costs. Environmentally, district cooling reduces the production of carbon dioxide. Plus it uses environmentally friendly refrigerants in a contained and controlled environment. Combined with its rigorous health and safety standards, district cooling means less potential damage to the ozone layer.


NCB IT Center, Jeddah

cooled by absorption chillers

NCB Regional Office, Riyadh

cooled by absorption chillers plus hot water generation

United Towers, Jeddah

cooled by absorption chillers


Al Anood Tower I, Riyadh

cooled by absorption chillers plus thermal storage systems

Al Anood Tower II, Riyadh

cooled by absorption chillers plus thermal storage systems

Jeddah Industrial City II, Jeddah

central cooling and power services