National Energy Supply Company Intelligent Power & Thermal Solutions Provide full solutions for all type of Air conditioning, ventilation, air solutions, such as:

  • Supply
  • Installation work.
  • Chilled Water Systems.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Operation & Maintenance

We supply all types of air solutions, including the necessary equipment, units, fans, and full support to help our clients choose the right solutions for their projects.
Installation work:
At National Energy Supply Company, we not only supply the materials but also provide installation services for all types of AC and refrigeration units, pipes, and ducts, using high-quality materials and expert technicians.
Chilled Water System:
We have a successful history in the field of chilled water systems, including district cooling as BOOT and O&M, with all types of chillers, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and absorption types, for supply and installation.
Consultancy services:
We provide consultancy services for HVAC starting from the concept stage, offering innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.
Operation & Maintenance:
We believe in the importance of maintenance, and as such, we provide preventive and emergency maintenance services on a short and long-term basis.