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Source Energy

Source Energy customized O&M solutions for end users and business owners (which is in return a complimentary services to our BOT, BOOT, BOO and DBO business) ranging from full performance-based total O&M to reduced scope services such as maintenance, engineering, process control systems (SIEMENS Partners) and the mobilization of new project operations, including the provision of technical specialists, tools, and processes for the facility.

There is also the contracts-based model, with contracts associated with various levels of service such as PPM, troubleshooting and specialized maintenance contracts. The most comprehensive service levels involve the provision of integrated O&M services, which means carrying out a customized approach for the prospective clients. O&M contracts cover all aspects and activities necessary to run cooling plants in a safe and economical manner.

01 Chilled Water Plants O&M

Choosing the right O&M strategy is a major key of success. Source Energy is striving for economic excellence by implementing a very precise O&M methodologies.

The most important factors for an efficient and successful O&M strategy are the effectiveness of manpower and assets life-span optimization.


02 O&M Consultancy

At Source Energy, we provide O&M consultancy services for cooling plants and HVAC systems. With over 15 years of solid, diversified technical experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of cooling plants and HVAC systems, we offer a range of consultancy services for asset optimization, O&M services, investigations, project management, and energy efficiency.


03 Cooling Plants Automation and Energy Optimization

The main objective of our control system is to be adaptive in nature and to implement the best sequence of operations depending on the existing plant conditions. We work to obtain the operation optimization point between different major plant equipment, such as chillers, cooling towers, and pumps, which is key for energy savings.

Achievable energy savings in cooling plants can range from 15 to 40 percent, depending on the existing condition of the plant. We offer cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver reliable and efficient cooling and energy solutions.

Source Energy is an authorized channel partner of Siemens Automation for the development of control schemes, PLC algorithm programming, and the building of required hardware and SCADA systems for cooling plants. Our goal is to achieve optimization in manpower and energy efficiency.


Source Energy Intelligent Power & Thermal Solutions Provide full solutions for all type of Air conditioning, ventilation, air solutions, such as:
- Supply
- Installation work.
- Chilled Water Systems.
- Consultancy Services.
- Operation & Maintenance


05 Energy Efficiency

Source Energy [SE] it have a separate Energy Sector that provides innovative Energy Efficiency and Renewable solutions that lower utility costs, increase Net Operating Income and profitability, improve facility performance and manage risk.
Our projects typically reduce OPEX by reasonable percentage and financial payback periods.


06Electric Vehicile (EV) Solutions

Source Energy (SE) considered EV Solutions as one of main potential solutions and offerings to Saudi Arabia market. Source Energy In the past decade, it has been seen a surge in the use of new digital technologies. EV is highlighted one of the major CO2 reduction initiative Source Energy is a part of the technology growth in KSA market by investing and running agile mitigating the beloved kingdom transformation and become a preferred CPO in the market. Our partners expertise promise a best practice of world class service in EV, and EV Charging products & solution.
Source Energy has the collective knowledge in Energy & Power which’s reflected environmental responsibilities allowing us to expand to new field of electric vehicle chargers with global companies, benefiting from their solutions and knowledge, to hunt EV opportunities in Saudi market.
Source Energy’s strategy to be one of the main EV solutions provider and to lead the market for EV stations and chargers.
Source Energy (SE) plans to establish strategic partnerships with international EV charger companies and electric cars.

07 Smart City Infrastructure / IoT & AI

Source Energy (SE) considered IOT & Al Solutions as one of main potential solutions and offerings to Saudi Arabia market. Source Energy offers sustainable buildings or facility through automation solutions and services that transform businesses through effective ideas, analytic algorithms
- Smart infrastructure
- Smart Governance
- Smart Education
- Smart Energy
- Smart Mobility
- Smart HealthCare
- Smart Buildings
- Digitalization in others

Our solution contributes to ensuring the following:
- Reduced Energy Costs
- Reduced Building Operational Costs
- Reduced Facility Maintenance Costs
- Optimized Manpower
- Detailed history and records
- Monitored equipment performance efficiency

08Renewable Energy-Solar Energy

Source Energy (SE) considers renewable energy as one of the main potential solutions and offerings to the Saudi Arabia market to align with the country’s vision for 2030.
Source Energy believes that investing in solar energy benefits both society and the environment, and we are always striving to improve and develop our solutions to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way.
Services and solutions:
- Installing solar power systems
- Designing
- Maintenance and technical support services